What Its Like (addiction)

by joseph santacruz   Jul 5, 2012

What is it like to be a drug addict?
misery and pain well thats automatic.
Its like a boxer eating dozens of donuts
then climbing in the ring with dozens of opponents.
Its like a high paying job that fills you with merriment
then learning your the subject of pain threshold experiments.
Its like being tossed to the lions and surviving the toss
then realizing your dipped in steak sauce.
Its like going hunting to see what you will get
on your back is a bulls-eye target.
Its like watching an anthill with stinging army ants
then noticing there is a hundred swarming in your pants.
Its like being the stick holding the alligators mouth open
and everyone is hoping for the stick to be broken.
Its like flying a jet plane high above.....whee!
then noticing the fuel gauge is on E!
Its like changing jobs because the last one was crummy
then finding out you are now a crash test dummy!
Its like being in Antartica where it is freezing I am told
wearing only shorts and catching a cold.
Its like going in for a dental check up so the dentist can look about
x-rays get mixed up and he yanks them all out.
Its like floating in the ocean feeling no pain
then finding out your in the eye of a hurricane.
Its like being in a firing squad courageous and bold
then someone hands you a cigarette and blindfold.
Its like going skydiving thinking you are cute
one thing you forgot, your parachute.
What is it like to be a drug addict?
I am trying to tell
Its nutty and complicated but in a nutshell
being a drug addict is a living hell.


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