Do you.

by EmilyAnn   Sep 10, 2012

I have been pacing by the phone,
Just hoping it will eventually ring.
My minds been spinning nonstop,
I have been thinking about everything.

I have been craving to hear your voice,
But it seems like you do not even care.
I have been dying to see your face,
But I can not find you anywhere.

I wanted to grow old together,
I only wanted us to last.
I saw you in my future,
But you are making me your past.

I have been listening to the radio,
And I keep hearing our song.
My body has gotten weak,
No longer am I strong.

I know you moved on,
And I heard you found someone new.
When you are with her,
Just what do you do?

When you look into her eyes,
Does it remind you of me?
When you wake up to her face,
Do you wish it were me you see?

What goes through your mind?
When you are giving her a kiss?
Do you ever stop and think?
About the way you kissed my lips.

Whenever you hear her voice,
Do you wish it were mine?
When you hold her hand,
Do you picture me sometimes?

So many thoughts running through my mind,
Sometimes I do not know how I make it through the day.
But I always keep a smile on my face,
And pretend that I am doing okay.

I wish you could see that I am hurting,
But it is not like you care.
I just keep thinking about the past,
And the moments we shared.

Your smile, laugh, and eyes,
Everything about you I miss it all.
I just want to hear your voice,
I am hoping you will eventually call.

I miss you more then ever,
More then you will ever believe.
And I hope when you are with her,
You sometimes think of me.


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