You Were The Ultimate Mistake...

by Nonna   Sep 24, 2012

Lying on my bed thinking
Of times had gone by
Feeling miserably bad but I swear
For you, I ain't gonna cry

I blame you over my pain
Along with everything I'm going through
All the years gone by and those yet to come
I put all the blame on you

Out of every one in this world, I chose you
The safest way out of my pain
How ironic, the soft-hearted angel
Has broken my heart again

I think of you and I feel
So full of anger and disgust
No, no more believing in you
You've lost all of my trust

I came to you broken hearted
Seeking nothing but a pure heart to feel
Why did you have to say you love me
When deep down you knew, it wasn't real

Every word you said was a lie
Every look, every touch was as fake
Out of all the wrongs I did in my life
Trusting you was the ultimate mistake


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  • 4 years ago

    by Em

    I loved this.

    Such beauty in your writing. Heartfelt honesty yet sadness as most of us have been there trusting someone we shouldn't have.