Dear Jerk,

by Lost Dreamer   Oct 29, 2012

Can you just sit down and talk to me.
So for once I can finally understand where it went wrong.
I let myself believe only to a degree,
that it was going somewhere.
I was ready, just to take a chance with you.
You had my fears flying away, away.
And I was trying so hard
To let my guard down, though I knew how you were
You brought me out, I let myself believe,
It would be different only to get let down
Once again. Guess I'm to blame.
I just couldn't see you leaving.
I'll hold on to the memories.
But baby I'll be waiting,
I'll wait for you to text me.
I know, I know.
I'm only setting myself up for disappointment.
Because I know it'll never come.
If it does, I'm ready to try something new.
Are you?
This time we could switch things around.
You could be the one with no reply,
And I could be the one having the time of my life.


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