The Fake in Your Eyes

by Lost Dreamer   Jan 26, 2013

I looked in your eyes,
and I saw pain.
I tried hard to fix what was never broken.
You had me so fooled,
with the bogus in those blue eyes.
I fell for your lies.
Guess it's over now.
But of all people you know,
its not that easy to do.
You're sure the best actor I've ever seen.
Please realize this was never a game,
there was never any prize.
You thought of me as some silly little girl!
How could you do this to me?
You made it seem so real.
I used to think we belonged together.
Ha, but look what that turned into.
It's better off this way,
now I can finally understand.
Nobody will get hurt,
I won't shed a tear.
You can't brag to your little friends,
saying how you hurt some girl that had no clue.
Because this time, it was me who got the last laugh.
Time for you to back off.


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