by Madeline Denley   Dec 15, 2012

Don't you just hate it when the people you think are your best friends go behind your back and end up being people that hate your guts.
i hate it when my friends organise to do something then they never tell you about it.
i know i have done that a few times but i try to tell some one but if i do then they just go all depressed and get all weird and i really don't like it when people do that.
i hate when you leave some where and try to get away from some one that's annoying you and go hang out with some other people then they all end up following you and it all just turns into drama, drama ,drama every where you go its really annoying.
i always have the feeling that a friend isnt actually a friend its just some one you talk to and play around with but what is a friend exactly?
i have no clue but to some one at my school it is some one you know.
not really even some one you like but when ever some one refers to some one there always like "hay i have this friend" but its like are they really your friend or just some one you know.


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