Terror of Night

by Steven Topaz   Jan 12, 2013

We awake to the warm embrace of daylight,
Slumbering in depths of the cold dark night.
Inhaling the the poison that pollutes our oxygen,
With unconscious thoughts if we'll ever wake up again.

And we're haunted by nightmares of horrible sin,
Lingering so long, it scratches thy own skin,
Now awake and moving, free of your bed,
are the nightmares gone, or sleeping in your head.

Yet every night we continue to sleep,
Knowing that our souls are not ours to keep.
We try our hardest in hope of one good dream,
But reality's grip pulls me apart from the seam

Night by night, fearing the foreshadowing light,
Bringing darker grays to my already dim nights.
And fear by fear, your darkest realities also close near,
And personal demons make your eyes start to sear.

Afraid of what we truly are, we continue to sleep
Sinking into a dark abyss in the deep.
Lingering demons continue to give us a fright,
Still we search for shelter and embrace the morning light.

We'll remember dark memories from a horrible past,
Bringing that question of, how long will this last?
And we journey through thoughts of death and remorse,
and the next thing you see is your mothers corpse.

Collaboration with "Crimson Monster on a Throne of Chains"


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