You Don't Know Me

by Jessica   Feb 13, 2013

You think that you know me
That you know my pain
Girl you must be joking
Cause you don't know anything

You don't know that i go through
Just to be able to smile
You don't know hard it is
Not to just sit and cry

You don't know how much work
I put into putting up my walls
Just so that i can make sure
No one sees me fall

You don't know that
Each night I cry myself to sleep
Or that when i wake up
I put on the other me

You don't know that
i have to walk through everyday
With a big smile on my face
Hoping no one sees through my facade

And you don't know
That everyday hurts more than the last
And that everyday
The pain gets worse

So don't tell me that you know me
Cause you don't
You don't know anything
So don't try


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  • 7 years ago

    by Alyssia L K

    I like this poem. Many can relate to it, I think.