Hate and love

by Jessica   May 11, 2015

I should hate you, should feel no love
For the things you did, the scars you left
But it's not possiable to dislike you that way
For without you, there would be no me

I wonder everyday if you think of me
The little girl I was, that needed your love
Do you remember me, with my big blue eyes
My crooked smile and little blonde curls

So full of innocence, not a care in the in the world
Running around looking for hugs to share
Hoping for love and laughter in my life
But instead finding myself alone in the dark

So yes I should hate you the most
But I can't and I wont
No matter what I feel when I see you
I know deep down I will always love you

You hurt me terribly and made my life hard
And that I can't forget but you are my mother
And that I can't change


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