Love, Let's Start With Forever.

by Natasha   May 2, 2013

You played a significant role in my life this past year,
Thinking about how we met, it makes me smile even now.
I was determined, the first time I met you, I wanted you.
Wanted to just get to know you, learn of you,
everything I could know and learn about you.
Maybe it was the whole Libra and Gemini thing.
I can safely say I do believe in that now, Astrology.
It wasn't something I took very much interest in,
right until I met you.
I pretended to act like I knew about the subject,
but in reality,
you taught me all about Astrology.

That "want you" eventually turned into "need you."
I needed you, Natasha, everyday.
You were a part of my everyday life, a big part if not all of it.
It was amazing, I was so intrigued with you.
I grew to know you, eventually I began to like you.
Like a silly guy likes a pretty girl.
Nothing ever satisfied my hunger for knowledge about you,
I wanted to know more about you.
I know my memory is not the best, I know I forget,
but I would never forget the crucial parts.
For everything else I had your perfect mind to remind me.
And how fortunate I was for that.

That "liked you" eventually turned into "love you."
The silly guy finally got the pretty girl.
It happens. 9374 miles, I know, but it happened.
It was so surreal, it was amazing.
God knows how amazing it was, even mystical.
I loved you, so deeply in love with someone
halfway across the world.
If you tell any sane person, they would laugh in disbelief.
They will always ask,
"How could you love someone that is so far away?"
And I will always say,
"The same way you could love someone that is just a breath away."

Love truly has no distance. I'm proud of you.
I will talk to complete strangers about you, my weirdo.
Don't worry, your weirdo secrets stay with me.
They were mine. You were mine.
I never told you, but my whole class knew about you.
My sister supported me and you, she knew how it was.
She met Mike on the internet,
it took them over a year to finally be together.
Now look at them, happily married with a child, Connor.
It happens. Not often but it does.

The difference is, it was 3,000 miles not 9,000.
But the amount of miles makes no difference.
It could have been 20,000 miles, but I was determined.

Now here we are.

Happy 1st Anniversary, I love and miss you. Forever.

Copyright (C) NAC. Natasha & Curt~


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