by Whispy.Gypsy   May 16, 2013

Not going to let you survive
Not going to let your body strive
Its not your soul to burn
Its mine to form and turn

I will blacken this hate
Make it and break it till you relate
Twisted and turned
Blacken and burn

You shall hear the scream
You will follow upstream
The way of the shadows
Will conform you to them, the shadows

Make you drag and wallow in hate
End the world to yourself and discriminate
Love nothing
Hate everything

You will lose all hope to the earth
Lose all of your worth
Nobody can save you now
Just lay in hell and have a bow


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  • 8 years ago

    by WintersAngel

    This is exciting, and I felt a sort of rush as I read this. *I kno I'm weird, I've already accepted it ;)* fantastic write!!

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