Old friend

by Albert   May 30, 2013

I should have taken head to the signs
regardless of what i desired
and even though love can be blind
I saw restraint to be required

but i gave into that pretty smile
and walked into bad ideas
though i knew after a while
i'd walk through pain to heal

Love doesnt always win in the end
theres times you don't play the game
especially when you play with friends
cause things will never be the same

i came in wishing for eternity
when it should have been for yesterday
cause some things arent meant to be
like wishing your worries away

like trying to rewind the hands of time
when time waits for no one
and though we started with love and fun
sadly whats done is done

in the end we didnt see eye to eye
on things that mattered most
now it's so hard to say goodbye
to my friend from long ago


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