by Rose   Aug 7, 2013

I see you hold her hand
and you whisper in her ears
and she smiles
you two look so good together
and you look so happy
i wounder,
was this how cute we looked together
you would hold my hand
and you would whisper in my ears
how much you loved me
i would smile
and tell you how much you meant to me
you promised you would never hurt me
and that you would always protect me
but instead you left me
you played me
and you broke me
my heart aches
until it's now numb
i loved you
but you used me
i no longer know what love is
and it is all because of you.

i watch from far
as you live still holding her hand
and i pray
you dont break her
the same way you broke me


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  • 7 years ago

    by WintersAngel

    This is sweet in a sad way. I see you in this piece not wanting someone to hurt the way you do. I love it.