Last night I prayed

by Jessica   Sep 19, 2013

Last night I prayed
I haven't prayed in years.
I asked god a question,
I told him all my fears.
I wanted him to know
a few things I've been hiding
I needed him to know,
That it might not seem like it
But I am trying.
I wanted him to understand
Just what I'm going through,
I asked for encouragement
And told him I knew what to do.
I wanted him to be proud,
I told him not to worry.
As I sat by my bed
And bowed my head,
I talked to god as he was a friend.
He listened as I prayed,
As I told him the whole truth
The secrets I've been hiding
And all the little lies,
That didn't mean much at the time.
I apologized for crying,
But I've held it in so long.
I thank you God for listening,
When everything's going wrong.


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