by Chris   Oct 23, 2013

You tossed me to the side
Stuck in the corner collecting dust
Like an old pair of shoes
Never let you down
Just not the flavor of the month

But hey that's okay
Lets see how you do alone
Now that you can't take from me
After I pulled you out your bubble
Showed you there's more to life

Drove a spike through my heart
But I'm still standing
You can't kill me that easily
And despite how you treated me
I will not fall to something so small

I grew up on being alone
You nearly died on it
So when your latest taste turns sour
I'll remain sweet as ever
Like an everlasting gobstopper

I'm not so weak mentally
To abandon those there for me
You want to act stupid
And fall back to the abyss
I'll continue survive and thrive


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