I'm So Sorry

by JustFriends   Jan 19, 2014

Are you really that oblivious? You talk to ME out of all people about your heartbreak? You mention to ME how unfair you think it was of her to lead you on. Oh it hurt when she texted other boys in front of you knowing how you felt about her? How about when you made me stay with you while you were with the girl you wanted to be with? Even after i told you how much it hurt me when you talk about her. I had to watch the boy of my dreams fall in love with someone else day by day. You knew how i felt about you. In fact, i told you how i felt about you. I poured my heart out to you and what did you do? Five seconds later you preceded to ignore everything i said to you and instead started to tell me how badly you wanted her. Oh she broke your heart? You hate her for what she did now? I'm so sorry. It must be really hard for you.


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