There's my problem, your problem and the outcome

by JustFriends   Jun 5, 2014

My problem is that i liked you, my best friend, more than a friend
my problem is that i believed you when you said you felt it too
my problem is that i thought we were something we weren't
my problem is that i opened up too much about how i felt
my problem is that no matter how much i regret it, thats what made you leave
my problem is that i cant look at you after knowing how much pain you're capable of causing

your problem is that you lost someone who actually cared about you
your problem is that at night you go to sleep lonely wishing someone was there for you and you realize i was the only one
your problem is that you hurt someone who was willing to risk anything to be with the person who made her feel even close to okay
your problem is that you forget how much you hurt me and think everything will be fine with us

and in the end id rather be hurt and have learned the lesson to never trust anyone, no matter how close you think you are with them, than to be the person who taught someone that lesson


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