I Would Love for You to be Mine

by Megan   Mar 27, 2014

All I ever wanted for Valentine's Day
Was for a boy to admit that he liked me
And be super cute about it.

But no.

That never happened.

No secret admirer.

No professions of love.

No flowers waiting on my doorstep.


I got a diamond necklace -
And a Pandora bracelet -

And tacky cards and candy -
From my mother.

And there was the boy
In middle school
Who bought me a teddy bear,
And that was cute and all,
But those things never seemed to matter.
Because in my mind I wanted

And a spark

And to know that maybe someone
Unexpected had been taking the time to notice
The wonder in my eyes
And the youth in my smile
And the goodness in my heart that I've been longing to share
With someone shrewd enough to notice that I'm
About the flowers
Or the jewelry
Or the stuffed animals.

I'm about what's inside -
Opening up and being honest and saying
Hey -
I love your eyes.
I love that you're kind.

I would love for you to be mine.


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