In the Morning

by Megan   Dec 29, 2015

I hear my phone
Ring and when I
Look down
I see
A name that makes my heart skip two beats.
It says come over
For midnight yoga
My head says don't give in don't give in
Cause you know you'll just leave him in the morning.

There he is
At a party in his apartment.
Later on
I get a call says he's coming over
And I brush it off talk it off
Make it
Seem like I can't stand him.
We've had a misunderstanding.
Guess he's sleeping over
I'm not sober
But I know that he's leaving in the morning.

At the bar
A guy walks up to me he says
Can I get you a drink?
Too innocent to see he's not as nice as he seems.
Two blocks back three houses over,
I make choices I can't recover.
He wasn't sweet but wasn't mean.
I know I gotta leave
In the morning.

Walking back to my place I can
Feel the shame on my face.
Hopeless hopes are what get me here
But they make it clear
They'd always planned to leave...

A few years go by yet another guy
Sees me two or three times.
About to turn the other way he holds me close and says
I hope you stay,
But I feel like you might leave me.

I won't leave like they made me leave
Like they always leave
Why do they always leave me in the morning?
I don't want to leave you
Don't want you to leave me in the morning.



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