My Teenage Years

by Jay   Apr 11, 2014

Innocence infected
Survival co-dependent on hate
Salvation a childish myth
The hero inside embraces fate

Thoughts stolen
Punishment rewarded for sin
Fighting tears for blood
Stained from within

Vocals darken in pitch
Blacking blue tempt doubt
Forced justifiable submission
Romans wordy verse recount

Manipulation attempts control
Resistance provokes confrontation
Humanity clings to free will
Viciousness sharpens intuition

Battered resolve
Endurance certified by the years
Hollowed shell stands
On an island of fears

Muffled screams
Fall on deaf ears
The demon ravaged
My teenage years
-Jay Pierce-


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  • 6 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    I can so relate to this poem and I think many others will too. I think you have worded this so well, and broken the layout up very nicely.

    The story is one of hurt and pain, but also survival and truth of how it can be like to grow up. Anf how things can shape and change a person and their life.

    I really liked the part here you give an island to the fears you have, very nicely done,

    I love this poem!!