Memory box[self]

by ROSE   May 24, 2014

For my life

in case time will change me.
by this letter i want to remember everything,
remember who i used to be.

i'm cheerful & has a positive mind;
i don't care if im wrong, allowing
everyone to tell me what is right
i'm not afraid to try and fail
i welcome the problems that might be fall
and solve them calmly

i'm adventurous and curious of everything;
i want to explore heights,
the beaches, and mountains
to learn the things that can develop
natures abundance

i'm addicted to love
my family and friends is my world.
& my future husband is my air.
though i'm a little bit scratchy;
for my 2nd chance to fall
i would love to give all.
not the pieces that was left, i will
generate a new me to give all no, everything
to show my love for my husband

i'm an emotional citizen;
i don't want to see a person
begging for help. it hurts me like hell.
specially to childern and oldies
so one of my future plan
is to build a charity for childern, disabled,
and elders.

it's just a brief summary of who i am.
Good Luck my Love.


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