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hi. i am just crazy girl who wants to compose my emotions through writing. why? because a piece of paper and a pen can not only tell what's a mind and heart is ugring about. it's much better to write it down cuz it's much more comfortable than saying words that i'm not used to tell. just for my own sake. :)and it feels good.

please don't humiliate my writtings and respect it instead. cuz i will write the emotions i have every time i am not feeling well or when i am drowning into happiness . . :)

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  • Empty Pen (2) 4

    We were once like those fireworks
    Aggressively bloom at night skies...

  • Still here
    time run faster than i thought...

  • First love
    where every moments are precious...

  • Love story--
    i used to believe happy ever after...

  • For my life
    in case time will change me...

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  • Things doesn't seems right when you appear to my sight.

    4 years ago
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  • "the man i love taste like strawberry." <3

    7 years ago
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  • I can't promise to not look at to other guys yummy body, but mine will be always yours,.. .

    7 years ago
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