Fight For You

by Chris Jackson   Jul 28, 2014

Ah, the darkness is slowly fading away.
It's finally a new day, a wonderful day.
As the new day begins,
My first thoughts are about her.
As I cleanse my sins,
I chat with her first and no other.
At first, the darkness and lightning shaken me.
Now I'm living in my dream so don't awaken me.
The new day has begun!
The angels have sung!
I feel no need to run!
These feelings cannot be undone!
I'm finally having fun.
The thought of her makes me go crazy.
How about me and you play in the field of daisies?
Take my hand darling and let's run away.
We can do that or we can stay.
I'll do whatever you'd like to do,
There's no chance in arguing.
You love me and I love you too.
I'll take the pain for you.
I'll keep the rain away from you.
You seriously make me insane for you.
I love you, mi amor.
You're the one I would die for.
Are you ready for my act?
This war I'm fighting is a fact and is still a drawback.
Love is blind, and love's a bliss.
The only way for me to see is by your loving kiss.


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