As We All Fall

by Chris Jackson   Jul 29, 2014

I sit alone in the blinding dark.
As I feel my heart tearing apart.
I cry myself to sleep most nights.
In a deep state of fright.
I try to be what people are dying to see.
Scared, shattered, depressed and lonely.
I know things aren't going so great, I know.
But we have to carry on, y'know.
Only the true ones know the real meaning of pain.
The ones whom have arms with blood stains.
The ones whom soul has drained.
Come on, let's put each other to rest.
Take my hand and don't let go so we can escape this madness.
I've suffered so much, I cut my self.
I talk to myself and no one else.
The world has gone so wrong.
When we all die, sing along to this song.
This is the anthem for us all.
The ones who were kicked and shoved left to fall.
The ones who bleed out slowly, left to crawl.
As we all fall let's all cry together.
As we all fall let's battle this fight together.
As we all fall let's all die together.
The suffer felt like forever.
We don't have to anymore! (No!)


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  • 6 years ago

    by gloria

    Rhythm and grammar.

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