You Can't Lie To Me, Not If You Want To Stay With Me (song)

by JesusFreakAuthor   Aug 8, 2014

You Can't Lie To Me, Not To Me

This will be the day that everything will changeeeee
I don't want to lose you
I just can'tttt

We have gotten through thinga
That most couples couldn't bear
Survived the enavivable

Made our way back
With love
Back to trust
And wanting this forever

I know things work both ways
I can't scream
And say horrible things
But you can't leave
When you now I'll cry
Or as I cry
And you can't lie
Not you can't lie

Not to me

What do I do
About Sky and I
I want to hold us together
But I can't even see through your eyes
Why do you hide
So much from me

And the more I try to find out the truth
The more I dig myself into your lies
Find out what you're really hidding
But you won't find out how much it's causing
My dying

From your lying

Why can't you just be honest with me
Why can't you just tell the truth
Let your feelings loose

Why is your heart so closed off
Not just to the world
But me too

When we first met I was closed off too
With this enlarged shield surrounding me
And I always always worried
Not did I trust
Niether did I let anyone in

And as time passed I opened myslef up to you
Poured out my heart
Only showed you
And this is what you do?

All I asked is for a relationship like this
That lasted so long
To be able to trust you
And for you to let me in
Just a little bit
Because I won't hurt you
I just want you to stop hurting me
And you lying to me

All the way through
Kills me

You can't lie to me
If you expect
To keep me

Be dead-set honest with me


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