by stanley oguh   Sep 7, 2014

These words just can't express it all when it comes to you
You take out every words out of my lips
Each time I try explaining how I feel about you
Paradise is the most beautiful sight in creation
The 2nd most beautiful I have ever seen is you
i wanna describe how beautiful you are...
but 1st I need to invent a whole new language just for that
I don't need a dictionary to define the word 'BEAUTIFUL'
you are all the definition I need to describe it
I still can't believe I have you in my heart
How we met and how we fell in love
Are memories I will forever cherish till I die
The sight of you smiling at me
Arouses and gladdens every part of my soul
Its like sparks of light projecting from the windows of heavens
and the view of watching the angels lift its wings to fly
To everyone,there are 7 natural wonders of the world
To me,there's only one natural wonder in this world & its YOU
Your voice is bliss made in heaven When you talk,everything stops to listen
Even the earth stops rotating round the sun just to hear you
Your voice is the melody of a thousand love songs to my ears
Its like liquid enchantment poured into my eardrums
The very moment you walked through the doors of my heart
Is the very moment where I first experience heaven on earth
You took away my sense of speech
The very first time you said to me " I LOVE YOU "
I stood still like an electrocuted fellow
I just didn't know the right words to say
All I wanted was to keep hearing it over and over again
it echoed deep down my eardrums and kept my ears ringing
And the first time we kissed?
Made me lose my conscious state and awareness of what surround me
You are a precious gift of inestimable value
a friend created with virtue of grace and love
You deserve all the good things life has got to offer
That's why I want to spend the remaining half of my life to grant you all of it
i've got your face tattoed on the walls of my heart
And the imprint of your smile brightens my existence
My head is like a memory card filled only with pictures & thoughts of you
Even a screwdriver cannot unscrew thoughts of you from my head
Without you I'm incomplete Like Thor without its hammer
Like a man without a soul and a world without air
My queen,I'm the snail,you're my shell
The only thing that will make me leave you is if am dead
i can't let u go u are like the sun;both my light,my centre of gravity
without u,i'll fall apart like a broken soul
If I could be forever young, I would be forever yours I still wanna grow old with you tho
I want tomorrow,but I don't want tomorrow if you won't be in it
I'll never be perfect... but I'll always be yours
til my every hair is white,and my age enters 3- digits,and im toothless and wrinkled...i'd still be loving you.


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