by stanley oguh   Oct 4, 2013

You just walked out that meaningless door
You really did leave, and kept my heart sore
You never knew what I thought in my mind
You never knew you were the best thing i will ever find
You left and unknowingly left me there lonely
When what were left were me and the four walls only
'Alone! ' I cried again... It was my heart shouting
You coming back was what I was always doubting
You would never understand what was happening
Even if I said everything, you won't be imagining
And I'm sure you could never know or feel
You'll laugh as if it's a joke and not real
I fell into tears and my heart into pieces it split
But you won't know and wouldn't feel the guilt
You may come to me and talk about everything around you
But never ask me who my heart pumps blood to!
Because between us, there is something empty, some dots
Where silence lays, and my heart multiple times was shot
I knew you wouldn't see me the way I want you to
But I still had hope from my heart when it told me what
you may do
I wish I was everything for her for one second...
'She has her heart taken and sold...' I reckoned.
I can't believe I'm thinking of you every breath I take
I wish all, except one of these thoughts are fake!
I wish you recognize me, even if it's once in a year
I would appreciate this day and would not shed a tear!
But this appreciation wouldn't come in a night
It needs a lot of work so it comes to be alright!
But I'm still not sure everything may be okay someday
Because these days, nothing goes on our way
But hope would never elope in my heart
Because it's playing an important life part
It's giving me a smile to stick on my face when I see you
I wish you ever smile to me in the way I mean to
But someday you will... And I hope I'm not just thinking of
I hope this thing would come true once even if we were
Even if we have a lot of things to think about
I need a smile to cut me straight out
I'm 100% sure you would never be mine
But 'HOPE' is a word full of shine
That makes my eye tingle and see you there on my eyelid
I sometimes miss someone deep inside me, that kid
That innocent kid who never knew what it's like to love
Specially someone who is stages and stages above
Who treats you freely as his own young sibling
Who thinks all she can do is scribbling!
Although, I want and need to get out of this wrong
In this way, I will lose everything and I must change my
love station


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