Lovers in The Dark

by LoVerSLaND   Oct 1, 2014

You glide so beautiful through the night air
It's hard to not notice that your there
Quiet as can be without a sound
You only choose to speak when I'm around
But loud as you want to be, when were on different grounds

When you do "speak" to me
The things you say, can sound as sweet as cotton candy
Or as bitter as grapefruit

Take me outta this place
Bring a smile to my face
Put my mind in a healthier state

I love when you smile
Because I know I'll smile too

I love when your around
Because it means
I am not one
But two

I glide so wonderfully
Through the air
Although it's hard to not notice that I'm flushed
With fear
Of how tonight will end

But to get away
Is beautiful
Because I'll get to release
All the anger & hurt in me

I wonder if when were walking
Side by side
In the middle of the night
If people think that were a couple

When were not

Only lovers in the dark.
Trying to hide..


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