Red Light District

by LoVerSLaND   Jan 22, 2015

So we just pretend feelings don't exist right

You bring me here to hurt me
Wander. Speak lies. Disappear. Desert me.
You wanna play Animal
Sweetheart, I'll play Monster

I'm not gonna wait 'til you show up
To hide from you, to scare you
I'm gonna hide where it matters
In your heart
To truly find you

Just like how you tried your hardest to find me
That bittersweet night

Your younger brother
Says I'm smart
But not clever
Well you'll see
You'll beg to differ

Soon as we get on the bed
You want to destroy my innocence
And my like for you
Because you don't care
Well I cared
So I have more motivation
To shatter you

You wanna be nasty
I'll be vulgar
You wanna start a fire
You'll be burnt in it
You wanna have cake
And take your pick
I'll shove it down your throat
So you can't taste or eat it
Just choke
On it..

You wanna plAy demon
I'll run you out of your own LiFe

Your mouth
Your instrument of abuse
Not to mention those hands

You put a knife to my neck
Poking my skin
Tell me you'd rip it out
My ex died of stab wounds

This you know
What goes around comes around
You told me your mother loves you alot
How would you feel to witness her of stab wounds

I hate violence
I've watched it happened before me
Since I was a little girl
I've experienced it on me
As a little girl

Lumps bumps busts and cuts
From belts
Ones with spikes
From anger
Ones without

You hurt me so much
I couldn't catch myself
I felt I was squeezing broken glass
In a glass case, I felt trapped and worried
In a heartbeat your brother came to rescue, me
To like, me
I questioned why I never get who I like
I questioned why you would change on me like this
Become someone else entirely
I questioned why I went with you
I sit here and question what your brother saw in me

I just wanted to see you
Be near you
I trusted halfly to see where we could go
You took advantage of me wholely

I better not see you pig
I'll bury you face down
In the mud
Where you reside in

I don't care about your split persona
The shadow that walks beside you
Your animal instincts

In your head, list all your basics
On your light skin, everywhere I'll leave my lipstick
Tell you I love you and that I love to f#k you
Kill you with the distance
In a declining heartbeat
They'll all be missing
In replacement of me

Welcome to Keisha's Red Light District

I have yet to see your brother
Be glad for the day I do
I know that I am on his mind
As he is on mine
He broke the glass case
Just by being kind.

Dedicated to the guy I intended to like: Chris
But moreso dedciated to your brother: Stefan


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