Valentine's Day:

by Scott Cole   Feb 8, 2015

It falls in February
The shortest month of all,
Fourteen days in
We celebrate the cause.

It's a very special day
For couples everywhere,
A heart-felt tribute
To the love they share.

It's a bond among two
It's a union of one,
A rare relationship
That can't be out-done.

For it is but love
That makes the world turn,
For it is but love
That makes the heart churn.

And as the days pass
And as the hearts fall,
A lot of time and love
Will go into the cause.

For it's time and love
Along with respect,
For what you put in
In return you will get.

So this Valentine's Day
Don't get it construed,
For it's all about the love
That's embellished by two.


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