Addicted To You:

by Scott Cole   Jan 10, 2024

wrapped around your little finger.....

You're groomed like a cigarette
World's most tempting creature,
That makes your deadly curves
Your most stimulating feature.

Everyone says you're a hassle
A bad habit to pick up,
Because once your fuse is lit
Your smoking body will erupt.

You're packed to the brim
Your sex appeal arouses me,
And everytime I pucker up
Kisses set my endorphins free.

Long legs in a miniskirt
Every hair in place,
You sucked the breath from me
As we tenderly embraced.

I inhaled your red hot body
With a mild southern drawl,
That made both my eyes water
And caused my skin to crawl.

The glow of your silhouette
Hugs your anatomy so well,
But everytime I play with fire
It always burns like hell.

Your a breeze to say yes to
A withdrawal to say no,
That's why I hold you tightest
Just before I let you go.

You're the life of the party
You know how to fill a room,
And hours after your exit
Your enthusiasm still looms.

You float like a butterfly
Right up in my face,
You sting like a bee
Leaving hardly any trace.

You embarrass me in public
While I'm suffering privately,
So I struggle within that void
Spending my time more wisely.

Since you are my number one
Let me keep it real with you,
I will only give you up
If it's the last thing that I do.

From that day we swapped spit
And I tasted your minty lips,
My addiction was gooey sealed
In your nicotine apocalypse.

So dare if my mind craves
Or I'm missing us apart,
For either would leave a crush
On my wild and crazy heart.


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