Northern Creature (Collab)

by Italian Stallion & Larry Chamberlin   Feb 27, 2015

I am the winterman
no part of this desolation is worse
than the ruined floes of my soul,
adrift on ice with no footing.

Frigid air howls
as if I'm not alone;
robed in brute shadow
I stand in the eye of a dark moon.

Let wails rake my ears
even as ground slips away -
nothing can reach me;
glaciers encompass my purpose.

My existence lies here
upon this barren land
embracing nature's content
for I am the winterman.

© Copyright 2015 By: Italian Stallion & Larry Chamberlin the godfather


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  • 7 years ago

    by Rania

    I love it when two genres are mixed together. There is a very smart mixture in this nature poem that holds this mysterious touch.

    The title was very eye catchy, loved it.

    The creature and the description of the creature is mind blowing, completely nailed.

    For someone reason the closing verse made me feel a little sad, and for some other reasons I felt irony or hidden ranting...This poem was seriously just different.

    And I hope it ends up on the front page.
    Excellent collaboration.