by TheMask   Mar 17, 2015

She's a thief
With nothing else to say
She has stolen
Something very valuable to me

I'm afraid of getting hurt
That's why I wear a mask
But when I'm with her
She steals it

"Smile, it'll make it feel better."
Is all I heard
But I couldn't smile anymore
So I wore a mask so people wouldn't worry

I have worn the mask
So long it doesn't feel like one anymore
I became used to it
I soon found magic to use

The magic I got
Was one where people thought
The mask was me
They could no longer see the truth

"He is so happy."
"He is so unafraid."
"He is so reliable."
"He is so caring."

"He isn't any of those!"
He screamed under his breath
He knew the lie
But couldn't say

The people who fell for me
Got close, real close
But the closer they got
The less the magic worked

The left when they saw me
As fast as possible
Leaving me even more scared
Pushing me into the abyss

Every time I'm pushed further
Further into the darkness
Ever deeper, deeper then ever
To the bottom where no light can be seen

Broken and bruised
Scratched and scared
Lost of luster
No longer fit to feel

Until a small light fell down
The small light came from her
Beaten and battered was she
But not broken
Oh no, definitely not broken

Soon she fell for my magic
She didn't mean to
Soon even my broken heart fell for her
I didn't mean for it to

I learned that she was a thief
She stole the only thing I had left
The broken heart
With my heart gone, the mask soon fell

But behind the mask
Wasn't the sadness that was there before
The sadness was there no longer, it was gone
What was behind the mask?

Happiness, joy, bliss were there
Every moment with you, those feelings are there
Even though you are a thief, I don't care
"I love you so I'll steal your heart too."


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