by TheMask   Dec 11, 2016

A glimpse, the rush, I gasped
a giggle, the peep, I succumb

A sorrow, the cry, I looked
a stare, the perplexity, I spoke

A chat, the gaze, I adore
an ache, the hello, I watch
a glance , the pang, I confess
a duet, the flicker, I flutter

An anguish, the rejection, I divert
a leer, the throb, I whisper
a consolation, the peek, I twinge

A disinterest, the silence, I watch
a deter, the disregard, I hush
a weep, the gaze, I rue
an indifference, the lull, I contemplate

A blink, the love, I speak


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  • 4 years ago

    by BlueJay

    Interesting write, hun. Keep up the cool ideas and necessary venting through poems :)

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