Past Midnight.

by John Lock   Sep 12, 2015

Through the open window
The night breeze, urgent now
The lace curtains
To join the dance
She turns again
Blends the ticking clock
With the drip of a distant tap
Until the uneven beat
Fits the discords of memories
She reaches out
Fingers the empty pillow
Recalls a tangle of hair
The remembered face softened
By half light
Where do you rest tonight
My walk away darling
Does she trace the love lines?
Down, down as I once did
Tell me lover
Into the small hours
Known well to the lonely
Passing headlights
Chase bedroom shadows
As she closes her eyes
and swallows the pain


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  • 4 years ago

    by Mimi

    I love the careful choice of words you used to convey your emotions and message

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