Why can't you?

by Jay Colon   Sep 14, 2015

A relationship is exchange of souls
Drowning in our emotions
Dividing our hearts just to become one

why does it feel like we're not in love?
Why does it feel like a job?

When all I want and need is consistency
Not somebody's half time
Then they up and leave

Is its just that simple?
Am I not worth it?

Give me your time
I'll give you mine
Respect me as your woman
I'll respect you as mine

Is it too much?
To communicate with me
Even during the ups and down
So I know we're a team

Give me all four things
I can guarantee
I'll make you feel loved
That you're appreciated

That you feel secured
You are seen
I am listening
Aware of your emotional state

I will love you forever
Flaws and all
If this is what you want
why can't you give me the same?


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  • 5 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Hello Jessie

    In any relationship, it is important that both parties receive equal love and attention. If one is giving more than the other, the cracks soon start to appear.
    All the very best,