Where I am Before And What Am I today

by Giegielove Goddess Poet   Dec 18, 2015

I was so innocent as I walked down the Road of Manila, Dec.1988
I did look for the Agency to get my Flight Ticket going to Germany
The heat of the Sun was horrible and the polluted Air of Makati City
I've been alone on the damn crowded place ,the Traffic on the street
was terrible but I never give up just to pursue my dream
I did it and passed the challenges in life......... I believe in Fate and the power of God's love and my Faith, Confidence and positive mind always.

And without knowing what the future may brings into my life
I am almost 27 years here in Germany this coming of 22. Dec.

Oh how time flies too fast
I got 4 Wonderful Kids
I've lost my husband throw long battle of cancer
But still I'm alive because God made me stronger
That not even the bitter time , the grief and all the painful
days can tear me apart
I thank God with all my heart and soul
for the power and strength he've had given
me each day of my life.

Wish you all that you have a nice story of your life and not so emotional like mine.

Happy December days. And Wishing You All A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016


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