How My Heart Longed For You Near Me

by Giegielove Goddess Poet   Aug 22, 2019

How I wish I also have lived my life close to my Parents
in the Pearl of the Orient Seas.
Though my fate gave me a place,
where I should spend my whole life
a sixteen thousand of miles,
so faraway from home.

Often times, it brings me to tears when thinking this gap between,
But God has other plan for me where to stay
And be with the people HE want me to live with.

Yes, I know , I can't get all those missing days anymore
But that's a part of life.
I built a new life , and have my own Family here
that I need to stay with them.

I had no other choices anyway
But to accept my destiny
My Children are my first priority
They are the reason why I am here to be strong
Why I am here to stay.

My dearest Tatay in Heaven
And Nanay there
I love you and miss you both
You're always on my thoughts
Your motivation words are my daily dose
to keep me alive for own life journey
Even how tough the situation without your presence
since I left you, I fought alone against my homesick
that only the Lord have seen how my heart ached.

If you only there close to me
But that will never be happened to my life no more
Because of the time passes by
And the days, months, a years, and we are losing each others
like we've close the ultimate door
That God will put us close together again
somewhere behind the clouds with no more words to say.


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