Love in You

by Shinobi   Jan 28, 2016

Soaring through the sky never touching ground
Ever blissfull flying over all that is unsure
Such raw feelings not easily found
Journey of a lifetime for emotions so obscure

When a heart meets another gravity shakes
Reality reshaped to a form known as love
Clashing through space this force awakes
Pure and white as the feathers of a dove

Hands touching, eyes gazing, hearts beat fast
Mesmerizing, tantalizing, moments forever last
Night to day, through happiness and ache
Never letting go, these feelings cannot break

Chained by restrictions forced by fate
These emotions survive all dismay
Through joy and misery, love and hate
Are they myth, legend, cliche?

The beginning of a journey is at anothers end
Ever searching for emotions so true
Suddenly manifested in the heart of a friend
My feelings have found a home in you


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