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Life has it's ups and downs. Every era reflects a different quality inside each and every one of us. My poems show just that. They come in a wide variety from Poems of sadness to love poems.
Try and read them, you might find some of them interesting.

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Latest Poems By Shinobi

  • Staring through the looking glass
    A crystal ball, silver and blue...

  • In the chill of night, a single rose in bloom
    Magnificent red petals shrouded by gloom...

  • Legend has told of an angel on earth
    Basking in the golden glistening light...

  • Soaring through the sky never touching ground
    Ever blissfull flying over all that is unsure...

  • Everything starts with a feeling
    Growing inside a passionate heart...

Latest Quotes By Shinobi

  • Even after the light had been shattered to pieces, there's still hope. It lays inside, hidden, in another woman's heart.

    13 years ago
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  • Conjure your dead soul from within
    Call it for you shall live as one
    Cut through flesh, bones and skin
    Cut until the rise of the red sun

    15 years ago
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  • I pledge for my dead heart a place of resting
    Let my body decay till I'm ashes once more!

    15 years ago
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