I wish I never let you leave, but I'm glad I did

by ERS   May 1, 2016

Sitting in my room drinking tea,
Sifting through pictures and wondering if you ever think of me,
Hot liquid scalds my tongue,
Just burning me enough to distract me from the things i might have done,
to keep you here so when I went to sleep id know you were safe,
Just so in the mornings I could wake up to your face.

Its two in the morning and my fingers are numb,
I can't remember why any of this begun,
I should be worried because I'm shivering but not cold,
but something about your face just never gets old,
I'll lie on the ground just practicing how to die,
I know this isn't eternal, and love never has a reason why,
An I also know that from the moment I met you,
I was hooked and try as I might there was never anything I could do.

Though I know that now you've long since left,
An the decision not to say anything was one of my best,
I'll lie on the floor begging to have power over time,
so I could bypass the pain and finally be fine,
Not the first loved, and not the first lost.
Though knowing all of that didn't change the cost,



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