Ne'er Near

by Phil Laws   May 14, 2016

Illumination forgot our presence
Forbade us light to sight and hit the mark
No more, to answer all our guesses
We merely stab in to the dark
With two hands reaching out in search
As are our ears and with our minds
Still, two hands drawn from clutching
An ounce of comfort shared in twain
Through each fair step, we do proceed
As such, you follow as I tell
Of sensed surroundings in our night
Be it, you lead of me as well
Though ne'er for us to steal of sight
Perchance that to be seen is plenty
Rather, we find of things together
Along our path of uncertainty
And overgrown undergrowth
The plights of love with which to deal
As yet, carefully unafraid
For we may stumble, fall, yet heal
Being that we lift each other up
To quest on, as before falling
Order and as to understand
The lighthouse's broken warning
Of present dangers in making land
With rocky spires by lovers pier
Along unstable porous shores
That we were ne'er to come of near

P.A.L. 8-1-98


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