Gaia For Queen Hayley

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Aug 17, 2016

Moving along, steadily, as I waste each day it seems to me,
So shall I blunt it out once again so I can drip on cold showers, spinning my head and meeting these strange numbers.

This cold love I shall now leave behind as I held it for 3 months and let go of it in ten years, the heart is now a sunstone, let me be a child of light.

Butterflies and fairies sticking close by, let my mind's eye open and lead me to the right direction, the path of the light or the path of eternal dance.
Where are ye you that call themselves angels of heaven?

As so many souls falter, so where is this medic to come from above?
The mayans not in shattered form.

Or is it us as humans in a so-called normal state,
Forever changing the Lord's house of shelter, is he pleased?
That question I leave to the leaders of faith.

And this war upon Mother Earth,
Gaia, is it a question to that she is about to give birth? Has her water broke?

Or maybe just some physical pain that was inflicted upon by man-may She forgive us.

Yes mother earth, gaia, we shall continue moving forward and as we contemplate on the wrong we do, your destructive power of your elements, thunder, lightning, tornados, earthquakes just to name a few.

A constant threat on my mind of the pit below,
Bugging me but I know I may not go down without my art form.
And to make sure that my own light can conquer my past of darkness.

Queen Hayley I do adore and obey thee,
Let me fight for your love and your love only,
I say again, for your love only.

And yes Queen Hayley as your tears fall I shall sheathe my sword and strike your enemies with all my hidden force so your smile Queen Hayley can burst forth and shine brighter than any sun across the universe.

Oh dear, how far have I come to tell you my story, but it still continues at snails pace munching like the leaf worm.
Before it flourishes and embarks on a journey of air as the butterfly.

Yes, now my heart as a sunstone always with these hasty decisions, on with a flow that comes and goes like a jump of a gun, never thought through.

But my mind is of medic support,
My mind's eye. Open now.


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