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I love writing and reading all forms of poetry, my favourite all time poet is T.S Eliot as well as the world renowned William shakespeare.

Was totally submerged in macbeth(william shakespeare)This is my art I hope you like my work as all comes from the heart.
I have a keen interest in playing survival and horror xbox 360 games as I do as well get new ideas and insight just as triple X said (Vin Diesel) in the movie "the arcade and console is our only education"

seeing though that most of my poems are written about love, should I regard myself a romanticist?

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  • Age : 33
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Latest Poems By Ramon The SunStone Haupt

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    Flickering decisions to either change or stay...

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    To see you as a sign of perfection, dazzling like...

  • you are my eyes to see in front of me,
    you are my hands to hold you tenderly...

  • overburdened with the misery of ones past,
    but others disagree as they have the golden blast...

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  • a kiss a day, keeps the heartache away

    1 year ago
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  • Life is but a story and we are the authors

    3 years ago
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  • Don't worry be hippie.

    Try the Psy.

    Give trance a chance.

    Psy yourself to be gypsydelic

    4 years ago
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