The Struggle

by Beautiful Chaos   Aug 18, 2016

Full of love
Brimming with empathy
A belief in compassion
I possess these things

A fierce passion
Fire that burns from the core
A reflection of all I've known
All I've touched and tasted

Anger I try to wrangle
Pain I try to subdue
So I don't lose sight
Of all I hold dear

Days blend into nights
Memories blur by
And it's easier to remember
What cut you

So easy to slip into the misery
To remind yourself of what went wrong
So easy to forget those moments
The ones that made you shine

You live in the warnings
Guarding all you have left
Suffocating happiness
In fear that it's not real

And if it is
That it won't last
That another's heart
Is not as true as your own

Afraid to let go
To venture into the unknown
Afraid that you're not enough
Because someone made you feel as though you never were

And you wrestle with yourself
The world
Never realizing the fight is fruitless
And chance is all there is

Like pain
A state of mind
A choice of being


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  • 7 years ago

    by Brenda

    I really liked this. It's very sad over the inner fight you wage each day just to make it to another day. Happiness can be quite a struggle and you portrayed it really well. So many of us would probably just want to sink into misery and that continual self doubt. This was a really good write about just that.

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