In dilemma in love

by The Po whet   Oct 28, 2016

...Come closer, can you hear the sound of the twinkling stars?

...Here, does the softness of this cloud
remind you of something earthly just as smooth?

...Tell me, how good does it feel
being caressed by the moon's silvery rays?

But darling I must ask this of you first
...Do you believe in love?

By:The Po whet


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  • 4 years ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Hello Moa,

    I like this. The concept of hearing a star's twinkle or a clouds caress. These things are felt and heard for sure, but not with the ears and skin, no. They are experienced by the sences of the heart. Perhaps, those who scoff at this notion are loveless souls?

    Well done and take care,


    • 4 years ago

      by The Po whet

      Thanks Michael for your comment, I appreciate .Yeah, perhaps loveless souls wouldn't understand.

  • 4 years ago

    by Em

    Moa, firstly as I said before it's nice to see you back writing because you truly are an inspiration and I have missed your wonderful poetry, they are always so unique and peaceful feeling which is what I like about them and they are somewhat relatable in many ways.

    Anyway to the poem itself...
    1: I like this opening because it's daring us (I feel) to dream big, open our eyes more and our ears too because if we don't we will miss these magical things that happen before them. I guess if we could hear the stars twinkling their sound would be so magical.

    2: I can just imagine clouds bring so squishy with how they look but looks can be very deceiving but the image of someone touching the clouds is a good one and I reckon it would be a beautiful feeling, so smooth.

    3: The imagery here is perfect. Being caressed by the moons rays would make us feel safe I'm guessing and like being in the arms of the person we love especially if they feel the same. Again, a magical feeling.

    4: A wonderful ending from a beautiful piece. Yes, I guess before we fall in love we should ask if the other person believes in love and is in love to save on broken hearts but we cannot help who we fall in love with, whether they love us or not which is a shame and hard but thats life, we live and hopefully we learn.

    Wonderful, Em

    • 4 years ago

      by The Po whet

      Thanks for your comment Em, so very much appreciate it