In Faith Adversity Discovers Peace

by Shelley Williams   Dec 28, 2016

A voice came to my head
to say some words for me,
Profanity, more ways to sin
not one, but two or three.

My head used in whispers
with hopes I would not hear,
While I handle my own trials
of Tourettes and social fear.

If repentance were a need
for nothing I have done,
They attack with their deceit
and the humor to make fun.

While my mind is going blank,
the Microchip take hold,
May the future be the truth
that authority unfold.

No force can take control
and make what cannot be,
There is comfort in the faith,
the love that comes from me.

Not a curse but a blessing
in peace, the Lord divine,
The heavens open to the love
of which the gospel shine.

If forgiveness is an option,
a way to calm the fight,
Jesus is the one to guide,
the one to make it right.


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