The Last Chapter

by Shiva Sai   Sep 30, 2017

As the night slowly creeps in
It brings with itself the shadow of despair

The storm of insanity rocks the cradle of life
The candle flickers

The pages of love turns crimson
As the storm tears it into shreds

He tries; he tries to hold onto the pages
But his efforts are in vain, as he
Heads into the storm

Clutching in his bleeding hands
The shreds of his life and love

The candle flickers again
As he desperately clings on
To the dying flame of hope

The promise of a man lies in tatters
As the final chapter of his life comes to a close

When he lost his innocence, he was just a child
Trying to give the world his best shot
In his heart many wounds lived & breathed
In his soul lived the song of a bird
When he wanted to laugh,
his smile was torn apart
but he never complained, he never cried,
his silence just kept him alive

Night after night, he burnt in despair
He died a million times in his nightmares
He was used to the darkness and,
his soul was chained
Yet he painfully took those steps
Just to hold her in his arms again
When he reached the end of the bridge
He couldn't find the love he wanted for keeps

As he bids farewell to this life
He has a promise to keep

And a date with destiny
He prays one last time to let his soul fly

As he breaks the shackles & walks into the deep
Today he will slip into the eternal sleep

No dawn, no night will ever wake him again
All he ever wanted was love and faith

To live in the heart of his beloved
The final chapter was being written

In the sands of time
As the candle flame flickered for one last time!


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