In Silence

by Yakori bint Muhammed   Jan 2, 2018

22nd October, 2017.

Hasn't it been long for you
keeping it together like a still picture?
The times spent have led you
into the hidden possibilities of us.
Listen. It may have been
fascinating arriving this stage.
Yet, it's time to release the hold of, "what if"
that has captured your rational.
Do you remember "Strewn Petals"?
Do you know how ironical it is looking back now?
How you existed in my repressed self,
travelling routes I was unaware of.
Long before I met you through my minds eye, you've been a muse to my soul.
Remember that suggestion
you shared about reaching out?
I let out a laughter to my senses surprise.
How much of an intrigue you are to me, I mused.
Daily I excavated streaks of
yours concealed in layers.
I'd always found an appealing
transparency to your person.
It stirs me like a chocolate does.
Impression. Recall when you said, it's good
I had that "impression" about you last year.
It was a moment of knowing for me.
I told myself, "he's an ocean of petals".
That knowing was a pat as to
how you played well your closet walk.
I'll say one thing.
You'll meet an irregular response
accompanying me. Fear.
She's been there for a while.
I found out her identity isn't unknown.
Yet, she exists at the mention of "ties".
She's named, "gamophobia".
I haven't told you about her, but now I have.
Therein, is the joy that comes with
wanting to bury her with you.
You're a tonic.
I'll travel into your conscience
to release her. Together,
a sweet yet, terrific ride it'll be for us.
Buckle up! Hear my breathe
through the morn wind?
It's a call to relinquish, "what if".
And yes! The sideburns
has always been a tonic.

*Closet Collection Series*


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  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    To just take a deep breath, take a chance and let go! Now that is where the real excitement and passion can be found in life.
    "He's an ocean of petals" - wonderful metaphor, by the way.

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