by Errol Mondell   Feb 25, 2018

Since you left I have such grieve
my life at times becomes a mess
I go to bed but can’t even sleep
the pain you left is oh so deep

I pray that one day you’ll come back
as I fill my glass with good old jack
I gave you love true and strong
I wonder each day what went wrong

I know am not missed by you am sure
the words you uttered were true and pure
you showed no feelings of lost love
you pierce my heart and drained my blood

It’s hard for me to forget
what we shared and how we met
memories linger in my mind
how could I have been so blind

It’s hard for me to relate
I feel so hurt I want to hate
no one knows the pain I feel
all I hear is: “in time it will heal”

A friend to be is hard for me
her presence still lives deep in me
if she comes back to me someday
it’s only a visit but not to stay.

E. Mondell


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